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Can one “listen” to resilience?

Isn’t local cinema a form of global innovation?

What makes a city: the people who built it or the people who bought it? 

I begged my confidence from the truth. That was not necessary but considered as noble act in these era. I studied under harsh reality called education system where teacher thinks that they are doing “good” for the students. 

After attending schools in Shirpur (Dhule, Maharashtra), I attended BA at SPDM college, North Maharashtra University, Shirpur. While attending school education I began to observe the effects of injustice on the Indian psyche. I began to read, think and write. Afterward I came to Mumbai to do my MA in Media and Cultural Studies at TISS (Mumbai). In TISS I saw the political engagements doing negotiations with the notion of “neo” actions. 

This website aka showcase is the platform for some of my work. You may find new ideas floating in these website but I am sure those are not new. Somebody somewhere must feel connected to it.