Aesthetic of Sonu Sood or BJP master minds are in the flow?

The wealth of societies in which the capitalist mode of production prevails appears as an “immense collection of commodities”; the individual commodity appears as its elementary form. Our investigation therefore begins with the analysis of the commodity.

—Karl Marx, Capital, Volume 1

Have you seen Akshay Kumar featured add of re-joining for work after the lock down?

Have you seen how Sonu Sood has been invited by the Maharashtra Governor? The same governor who wants to break the present government.

Have you seen how many people from Bollywood come to the praising of Sonu Sood?

What is it exactly? Are they working for betterment of the society?

The analysis of the visual representation may be something else but the collaborations of these two stupid actors none the less but helping hands of fascist and capitalist Modi government. The technique of mobilisation through cine star is to achieve hegemony and its continuity and it has been time to time deployed. No matter what situation country is in but the acts of cinema and its ideology works for the pure fascists forms which is nonetheless but profit driven, capital based culture.

The discontent among the people were in large after seeing the dead bodies images, that roti image on 8th of May. Discontent people were just outraged on social media. The BJP led – ad agencies then uses Sonu Sood and its havoc relief work and diverts the content. We even saw, heard Congress vehicle stopped at the border and all the fucking drama but Sonu Sood is still able to send the people home.. How? Like how? When there were number of people who was saying how it is the planned to project Sonu Sood is a stooge of BJP; millions of people came to support him. But at the same time Prakash Raj and other cine star who are helping people are not in lime light? Why? Because these governmental mobilisation in the name of Sonu Sood; nothing but to slow down the anger of the people on cruel governmental lock down. I am not surprised how people started seeing Sonu Sood as a saviour Ram. He might have helped people but it is still the BJPs aesthetic. Indian Cinema is infected by the Brahmanical Idea which supports the Sangha Parivar at the end.

Let me come to my point — display technology through few platform like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and of course WhatsApp are full of praising Sonu Sood from 12th of May… Why?

Sonu Sood has come as if he is recovery of the illness that government gain in the time of lock down where people were dying without food, walking hundred and thousands of kilometres. Discontent that people had in these time and period had to be diverted. He has been “constructed” as a problem solver and then glorified in the platforms of display technology. In the platforms he is been shown that he is addressing the issues of mass. Were he has able to get that by his own? My doubt is that government must have seen Prakash Raj; and then asked him to do. The solid Sherlock Holmes type investigation; its need. I don’t prefer Byomkesh Bakshi because as usual Indian mindset of showing Bramhan as a hero is contaminated…

Expecting from the cinema will be biggest stupidity in future also. It may give job to some but it won’t change anything… It won’t change its strategy; it won’t change its ideology; it won’t change it’s profit driven thinking… It will be fascists all the time.


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