The modern wannabe and accepted Ram of these country; forces Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan once again – the epic myth which caused many crisis to the country already while Covid 19 crisis is in on-forth & uncontrollable situation because governments of course lacks the understanding. The three decades old Ramayan did more than expectation during the lock down. It worked as NDA government had predicted. People, media both didn’t raise or made pressure to make answerable to the government on lack of sense. While the stupidity in the name of religious sentiments were deployed; it converted into the good opportunity to the government to earn faith on same ground again — Ram and sentiment. Target audience has received also what they were to do so during Covid 19. Remain in the home and no choice at all made the audience apart from watch the Doordarshan — both rural & urban. Ramayan did good job and from nowhere it is in top rank of most watched show. However, Broadcast Audience Research Councils (BARC), chairman Punit Goenka is also the chairman of the Zee Entertainment who decides to fund to the PM Cares account along with his all the staffs money. Which also means no transparency and spoon feeding to the right wing promoters who get recognised as the corporates of India. Their funding is already going into the CSR which also means they did “good work” called charity. Again no transparency.

Covid 19 & forcefully introduction of the Ramayan and then this happens is not merely co-incidence. It’s apt to right wing supporters (upper class) and pro lynching (Hindu mindsets) audience. It is well working with availability of the opportunity that deep down belief “Akhandata” of the country. Few Hindu remains like Tharoor who differ from the governments action. Complexity and simplicity of these Baniya capitalism invents and creates new problem in front of the Indian media if it exists. On what level the government has deployed their agenda to finish their task is not even in the measurement level of the one of its kind BARC. Everyone else is doing extra work to finish governments fascists task. The modern Ram is imprinting the gangetic numbers & Impression* that needed for TRP. Of course it will not help to de-construction or creation of the alternate media platforms — definitive lost and extinction of other voice. But there will be few gig economies digital platform will flourish because system wants to feed them to hear progressive and different voice. Hence, few “revolutionary” platforms for the academic circle will be open and they will do the “Makadudya” happily.

The worry that I am trying to pose is that no other media options will survive in the threatenings that Baniya capitalism has given during (& after) the Covid 19.

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