Display Technology

What we miss in social media is day to day behaviour, traits of lingering in real life, social participation as well as beliefs. When we put photos, videos of somebody or with somebody we obviously don’t count all of. We just wanted to show how special or perspective of it al together. It is so naive. And controversial. It is same for expressing the views. It’s all economy of the screen in composition. What we lack and its important is that the real life understanding. Economy also is composition of algorithm. Remember, the news of Facebook executive and friend of Zukya *Mr Bosworth who said “Mr Trump was not elected because of misinformation, but because he ran the single best digital ad campaign I’ve ever seen from any advertiser”. Same with Modi govt. Also remember the invention of the mobile phone (and the whole revolution after that) inside it is the applications which made the popularity of the mobile smartphone began to take off made possibilities to connected superficial or limited things. Smartphone completely change the communication. But the highlight that I want to make is screen alone here. Screen is display technology. From big screen to mobile screen. All of these technology doesn’t includes day to day behaviour, lingerings of real life of all unique beings. It’s not possible, right? So, the point is why we all are who got CONNECTED through the display technology; are angry on each others? Because we I mean we know what are lingerings, small small actions of the peoples in everyday life. We also know how special or perspectives of the peoples are ranting… Basically the anger that get expressed; get used because display technology and its economy is monitored; mapped by the algorithms and obviously get used against us.

Forget it — Facebook has already its algorithms to not show this status to many. I am abusing Facebook because there is no platforms and no alternates are available. OR alternate are available but natural greed is there in me to reach to many. The books/article those I read; I want express through my analysis. OR I am ranting all of it because these fucking locked down; made me to awake till now. Subah uthake kam pe jane ka dar hi nhi… to ghanta nind aayega.. OR my bae is still working. Baes hours are not Indian anymore.

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