Elites, confusion

People with access to television, internet and shelter, all of which protect their beliefs but find themselves helpless in this lockdown, as they are no longer able to impose their “patterns” of consumption, beliefs and leisure activities on those who do not have the access to television, internet and shelter and this has ended up with them defending elitists “tastes” even more violently, if possible. Society’s elites and their advanced education culture is considered a parameter of success and economic growth, sadly.

Opposing the society’s elites are the middle class or poor or people who simply don’t give a fuck about elitist tastes – this is the majority in numbers. People with economic power wish to consume like elites — some of them even become “wannabe revolutionaries” while modifying the society with their idea of pragmatics, rationality and progressiveness. In the end, their main source of power is still their elitism. However, they are the ones who exclude the rest of society, which can’t afford to consume elite patterns. Society’s elites and their patterns, tastes are built on the basis of exclusion. They are elite because they have already excluded ‘non-elites’. Some of them, the wannabe revolutionaries, then want to be known as “inclusive” for their tastes, beliefs and manners. Some non-elites get trapped into this illusion and believe they are breaking norms by taking part in this wannabe revolution. This is betrayal. And it is very dangerous.

I, thank Rachna for proof reading the text.


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