The link is given of a video Euphonium and Santosh Koli. Enjoy it.


The possibilities of working with landscapes are numerous. Many people advent of technical cases, have conditions, within that it had improved and achieved highly important imagery. In reality, the uses of locations is limited to those; which are set to considered the various developments. Highly important imagery is found out another form which appears in various disciplined films. Its adapted that the scenery of the story, is something that common in imagery. The present common imagery founds out in coastal of Maharashtra. Agari Kolis are one of inhabitant of the beautiful place and they have adapted music which will suits them. Trumpet, Saxophone and brass instruments have colonial sense but also have most adaptation capacities.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 19.47.36.png
Screenshot of a video – featuring Santosh Koli with euphenium

Its may be sounds like absurdists and forceful adjustment but the working on landscapes has its own limitations when it comes to the technical cases. The geopolitics of these landscapes divided with the caste, gender first. In largely the ambiguous quality of landscapes adapts the most prominent convenient structure. One of the Saxophone player, said that, “english people play saxophone on level 2 but we play on level 4, only thing we seek on level 4 is men power and likeness about the tune”. Its not purely the important quality; but one of the facet of playing saxophone in neighborhood Mumbai.

This video is not only about Euphonium, but the many differences in family of trumpet and how it got adapted by the Agari Kolis.


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