Fanon is a love

The situation is different and its one way understanding of confrontation. Remembering Frantz Fanon in present day for identifying the role of language. When Fanon says a Negro behaves differently to the Negro and white men; its more inferiority that Negro adopts white mask. Well; can we apply this to the Indian language paradigms? Does Hindu* behaves differently to the white and Muslims… Definately yes! Further; the physical objects of the language by the Hindus; only stops at the Chamchagiri of whites and ownership on the other Savarna (Dont let me start for what is Savarna and Avarna). Language and exposure changes the behaviour of predominants group of people. In linguistic states the language should be for development, justice, equality and freedom for the who needs it; stated by Babasaheb. What it suggest is that the one language one nation is lie. Having the domination over language which gives sort of power to rule making and makes our living life expensive and worst. Does Dalits behave differently to the Dalit? May be the idea of “equality” makes them to give more discount to the upper caste and Dalits understands other Dalits situation so protective and positive (I still love Athawales poem and hates Roys jurgeons). When chaotic spreaded over by the so called owners of the language; actions and violence by them getting counter by skills and merit to understand the reason of what language ownership exists.

To sum up this post would like to quote Fanon when he talks about Negro and Language…

“Every colonized people–in other words, every people in whose soul an inferiority complex has been created by the death and burial of its local cultural originality–finds itself face to face with the language of the civilizing nation; that is, with the culture of the mother country. The colonized is elevated above his jungle status in proportion to his adoption of the mother country’s cultural standards”.

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