Journalistic work done for the (Video)

1. – Book seller woman who have dedicated her life to spread the Babasahebs word.

2. – Prof Ashalata Kamble talking about her life and her writing.

3. – Bahujan Kranti Morcha.

4. – Geeta Bharti and Kirtan Performance.

5. – Shahid Bhagwat Jadhav Day in Lavelane Road at Mazgaon Mumbai.

6. – Protest rally organised by Ambedkar Student Association in Mumbai.

7. – The Culture’16.

8. – Sunil Yadav on why he filed a petition in High Court, Mumbai.

9. – Soni Sori in TISS.

10. – Celebration of Constitution Day at Chaityabhumi Dadar Mumbai.

11. – Yelgar Cultural Troupe at Morche par Kavi.

12. – Satyasodhak Study Circle on Uniform Civil Code

13. – Veteran J V Pawar applause the work of Yogesh Wanjari

14. – When scholar Sunil Yadav shares insights.

15. – Prabodhankar Thakare birth anniversary.

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