There is no time for crying. Wake up. You have tasks to finish. There will be always distractions. Painful and harsh. Its India. Dont just understand and spend time trying to achieve but make sure that your priority is your creativity, perspective and vision.
You have to do few things…
– Understand the necessity, dig into its history, analyse it and use/manifest it. You have to organise your time to do it. Your time doesn’t allow said things.
– Focus on the things that are the source of your dignity. But while focussing dont be selfish and procrastinated.
– Be pro-tactic and resilient. This will make you aware of your privileges. No matter what you are celebrity, or who’s who; you cant just order people. You have to clean your “own” shittz.
– Behave as if you can also make mistake. Nobody is perfect. Nobody was and nobody will be. What matters is perspective, taste of accepting mistakes and making those less than others.
– Keep your fucking ears sharp. Listening is also task and important one. Listening has to be consider as listening. Don’t just wear ear/head phones in your ear. Listen to what is around you. You may notice many things. You may even say ‘wtf! I never noticed this before’.
– Dont be indifferent to society and lost in yourself.

Thats it. You may ignore and continue.

Shot on LG QC and no filter are use so felt like can give motivational speech.

#Fuck_The_Police #sunset #earthcapture #hellofrom

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